Make your complementary health practice a success

Are you getting the most from your complementary health practice?

When it comes to managing your own practice, it’s easy to take on too much and be diverted away from what you enjoy and do best. You become frustrated, and possibly disillusioned, by not achieving what you hoped and expected from your practice.

Painless Practice can help you make your practice a success by providing appropriate support, systems and training that will enable you to do the right things, in the right way at the right time, whether you’re just setting up or looking to take an established business to another level.

Our proactive coaching programmes will challenge you to see the management and development of your practice differently. You’ll focus on what you’ve trained and worked hard to do, instead of being distracted by other tasks that are best delegated to others.

With our help, you can expect to :

  • attract your ideal patient
  • generate more interest by communicating more effectively with patients
  • increase the number of treatments through referrals
  • improve your patient visit average
  • empower and motivate your associates

The result will be measurable improvements in the financial performance of your practice, and in the satisfaction and enjoyment you derive from it.

Look at how we have helped other osteopathsphysiotherapists, chiropractors and occupational therapists. Or find out more about how Painless Practice coaching can help your practice prosper by calling 01491 659073 to arrange a free half-hour consultation.

Success doesn’t have to hurt!

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I feel more empowered to actively work on ways to promote my practice rather than making a list of the ideas but just procrastinating.

- Jason Gunn

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