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Why sign up for the Growth Plan?

The Growth Plan is designed to look at every aspect of your business in great detail, gain an in-depth understanding of where you’d like to take your practice and then put a robust plan in place to get you there.

We will look at what is or is not working in your practice at the moment, and what issues you need to look at to improve the practice

The growth plan is great when you’re starting out in practice but equally valuable when you’ve been in practice for years. Many of our Growth Plan clients have been running their practice for years, steadily growing but not setting the world on fire. Engaging in the Growth Plan is guaranteed to inject renewed enthusiasm and focus into your practice.

You obviously have to do the work that is outlined in the plan which is why our Growth Plan clients usually engage in regular follow-up strategy sessions or coaching to keep the momentum going.

The Growth Plan package is individually tailored to suit your exact requirements based on how much you have done already on the business side of your practice, what’s working and what’s not and the results you are aiming to achieve.

We have been providing the Growth Plan Packages for several years now and they have had a huge positive impact on many practices.

What’s involved?

The growth plan package is made up of 15 hours coaching time spread over a few months. The first session is usually a full day and the rest of the time is usually split over three 3 Hour sessions.  

Typical areas covered during these sessions:

  • 3–5 Year plan
  • Detailed 12-month plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Keeping in touch plan
  • Standard operating procedures map
  • Getting the team on board

Your investment:

£2,500 plus travel costs plus VAT


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