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Why do a Practice Review?

The Practice Review is an exercise in exploring what the current situation with your practice is, where you want your practice to go, and what needs to be done to get between the two.

Your Practice Review is designed to get you thinking about what is or is not working in your practice at the moment, and what issues you need to look at to improve the practice (better marketing, better experience for patients, changes to fee structures and so on). All of this is placed in the context of what you want from your practice.

What’s involved?

The Review is formed from two stages – an initial in-depth questionnaire which you complete in your own time. Followed by a one-hour telephone conversation with a Painless Practice business coach to discuss the implications of your answers.

  • Your answers are emailed to the business coach, who considers and reviews your answers.
  • Please feel free to include any supporting documentation you wish to have reviewed e.g. business plan, marketing plan, financials etc.
  • This is followed by a telephone appointment with you to discuss the issues that arise.
  • The coach will use the telephone appointment to challenge you, explore new ideas with you and help you develop an action plan for the coming weeks, to support you in starting your new direction for the practice.

The coach will not tell you how to run your clinic, or tell you what you “must” do to be successful. What they will do is help you understand what you want to do, what you can do and what are the possible implications of what you do.

Whilst many clients use the Practice Review as the start of an ongoing relationship with a business coach, this is designed to stand alone and provide a specific outcome in terms of a list of actions that you can then implement yourself.

Your investment

£350.00 plus VAT


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