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Telephone and Skype coaching provide a cost effective and time effective platform for you to access business coaching whilst time or cash ‘poor’.

Introductory chat

In order to ascertain which team member is right for you, the first step will be to have a chat with Celia.

You will then be connected with the best business coach for you and will start by having a complimentary telephone / Skype chat to discuss you needs in more detail.

Coaching sessions

The initial coaching session will be 60 minutes during which time you’d your coach will explore your challenges, opportunities and goals in detail and identify what is required from the coaching sessions to support you.  

Subsequent coaching sessions will typically be between 30 and 45 minutes – it’s not about the time it’s about the output! By the end of each session, you will have identified the tasks to undertake to move you nearer to your goals. 

Your coach will prepare for each session and reflect on your progress and outcomes, sharing resources / contacts where appropriate, so that the sessions are of the highest quality and you gain the greatest value from your coaching.

You and your coach might decide on additional support outside of the formal coaching sessions e.g. quick 5 minute chats if necessary, email support or you providing regular updates to your coach between sessions.

All coaching sessions are confidential. What is discussed with your coach is not discussed with anyone else without your express permission.

Your commitment

We recommend that you commit financially and mentally to a 6-month coaching programme to start with.

Coaching is not a quick fix – yes, you may have quick wins along the way but in our experience coaching is often about identifying new habits to implement alongside creating the business strategy.

Typically clients start with a couple of sessions every month and after a 3 month period either find that that routine works really well or they have reached a stage where they might push the sessions out to 3 week or 4 week intervals.

In order to maintain momentum we highly recommend having coaching sessions at least once a month.

Your investment

30–45 Minute Coaching Session: £120.00 plus VAT per session

High impact telephone coaching option

Everyone is different and as some need a personal trainer regularly at a gym, some need more active involvement from their business coaches especially in the beginning to build and maintain momentum.

You can opt for a more structured coaching package which includes the following every month:

Week 1: 45 Minute coaching session

Week 2: Email check-in from your business coach

Week 3: 15 Minute coaching session

Week 4: Email check-in from your business coach

Your investment

£200.00 plus VAT per month


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