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Do you want to make changes to your life and practice?

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client that produces exceptional results for you, the client. Coaching is not just about setting and achieving goals, it is a process of introspective learning and development that will help you create new habits that you can use across all areas of your life to achieve success. Coaching is the most effective way of improving performance and fast tracking results.

What is the difference between Painless Practice and other business coaches?

Like any good business coach should, we want to see you enjoying your work (and life) and achieving your vision. In order to support clinic owners even more, we have made it our business to largely focus on working with practice owners giving us the opportunity to work with thousands of practice owners over the last 12 years. Together with our own diverse business experiences; our experience of coaching business owners in other sectors, our vast experience in your sector and our long-term collaboration with several of the member associations in your sector, we believe that we offer you a unique, high-quality coaching experience which can be flexed to suit your exact needs.