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Keen to develop your practice further? Buy the Seven Pillars of a Painless Practice book now.

Would you like to be surrounded by a motivated team?

Could your associates be better at retaining patients?

Are your reception and admin team as effective as they can be?

Most therapists have not been trained to lead and manage teams and the nature of most practices is that the principal owner and the team are often passing ships in the night. We can help you to overcome the many challenges that these two tough truths create.

Whether it’s supporting you in defining the perfect team members, creating job descriptions, getting your team on board or helping you to navigate through tricky situations such as poor performance, bad attitude or conflict, we have many options on offer ranging from regular telephone coaching to focussed leadership programmes.

Understanding what the ideal team is that your clinic requires is an important starting point. We have seen clinic owners employing the wrong people time and time again or putting up with the wrong person for far too long (And once they part ways the clinic owner wonders why they did not take steps much sooner!)

Having the right team on board who are all aligned with the practice goals makes such a massive impact to not only the success of the practice but also the enjoyment of coming into work each day for the team and a great customer experience for the patients.

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